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Staffing Process

Sales Force Automation

This helps us to manage our business development lifecycle that include marketing process, lead generation and sales lifecycle management. This help us to track the sales activities and help in forecasting the manpower needs.

Project Resource Allocation

Helps in allocating manpower for a project that also helps in tracking the time and cost of manpower and their associated costs (but not materials used for a project). Once we allocate the manpower, we can generate a Gantt chart of project and convert eac

Work Allocation & Project Management

This enables the project managers to break a project into work items assign them to people along with target dates for each work item. Each person will have a work item calendar where the person or their supervisor has to update the progress of each work

Work Status Tracking, Resource Separation / Re-Allocation

This provides an interface for the manpower resource to update the status of their work item and helps the managers to track work completion status and to separate or re-allocate manpower resources to other projects on completion.

Contingent Staffing

This functionality helps us to source manpower from sub-contractors in case we need manpower that is temporary or a special requirement and do not need those resource on a permanent basis either due to cost viability or if there is a possibility of such m

HRIS, Payroll & Human resource costing

Our system tracks all the necessary information related to consultants including employee records and status, location of contract, salary structure and all other information necessary to manage each consultant as an employee. Payroll module helps us to process salaries of internal employees and consultants according to the processed time sheets.

Training Management

The HR team and managers track training requests/requirements and enables them to manage training calendaring, training execution and feedback management process.

Skill Assessment, Fitment / Re-Fitment & Manpower Separation

Effectiveness of manpower can be experienced only when a proper skill assessment and role allocation practice is enforced. The system helps us in assessing the skills, allocating the roles based on the skills and abilities to ensure effective manpower res

Performance Management System (PMS)

PMS helps us in tracking and managing the actual performance than subjective performance appraisals. This makes our organization, more realistic and relieved from the additional work of manual appraisal documentation activities. Performance appraisals can

Compensation, Benefits & Succession Planner

The system enable the HR teams to manage manpower costing, compensation structure, working out benefit plans like incentives / bonus and prepare succession plans for each manpower resource based on the outcome of performance appraisals.